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Below are some examples of the ProMaster Fine Line Rear Bow Sight,

included are the shooters view with a front sight added and the view with the correct and in-correct hand position or when torque is applied to the bow handle. Plus a few other unique products available designed to improve your hunting and shooting experience. 


                            Below are some examples of the U-Do Bow String service system


Attitude Exciter Deer Grunt Tube Call Tube shaped like the deer esophagus, extendable for sound change and directional  to cast sound behind the shooter to attract the deer close.


Our Camera Mount clamps to your bow or is easy to remove and added to your tree stand, a tree limb or other area's. It will hold any camera or Go Pro that can attach to a tripod,  it also has available as an option a cell phone bracket to secure your cell phone camera ready to catch your shot. Will also fit many range finders. Adjusts up and down / left and right.


If you haven’t heard of the HECS hunting suits before, these suits are designed to lock in you bodies normally generated electrical field that is generated from movement and or just from your heart beating. This electrical field radiates from your body and is easily detected by wildlife. Birds and fish a have electroreception as a 6th since and can easly pick this up from your’ heartbeat or movements, much like an EKG is used to record your heart beat from the electrical impulse it puts off. Your brain functions from this electrical energy as well, and each muscle movement produces an electrical charge, the larger the muscle the bigger the charge. This can explain why you can be totally concealed, with no movement, and scent free or downwind of an animal and still sometimes get detected by the animal. If you want to increase your odds of avoiding detection when that once in a lifetime opportunity comes along, try a set of these added to your arsenal under your scent blocker clothing. These have a special proprietary weave of Carbon threads strategically placed that creates a cage around your body and retains your bodies electrical charge and radiation, much the same as the special glass in the door of a microwave that prevents your exposure to the radiation. This effectively prevents the game from detecting your electrical radiation. Keep in mind standard methods to avoid detection is still required such as minimizing movement, sound, and scent. Watch a few of these you tube videos below and call us to get your set today.


  • Includes top, bottom, and headwear

  • HECS conductive carbon fiber grid is woven into base layer fabric

  • High-performance wicking fabric keeps you warm and dry

  • 77% polyester, 15% conductive yarn, 8% spandex

  • Top: quarter-zip neck, articulated shoulders, HECS logo

  • Bottom: Logo waistband and a fly

  • Headwear: In Mossy Oak Break-Up county camo, lightweight and adjustable

  • Machine washable

  • U.S.A Technology

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