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15 reasons GEARHEAD BOWS

stand out from others


  • #1. The duel riser plates are made from 7075 aluminum and then hard anodized, not only is it one of the strongest aluminum material available but by adding the hard anodized coating it is like adding an armor to it. This feature results in no twist to the riser during the draw cycle or when released and no vibration transferred from the energy of the limbs to the handle resulting in no hand shock when fired.

  • #2.  Combine these features with a forgiving 7" brace height and you get dead on accuracy and a bow that is an absolute pleasure to shoot.

  • #3. The load placed on the handle during the draw and fire cycle is in direct alignment with the forearm and shoulder, by transferring equal pressure to each side of the double riser it results in dead in the hand performance with no forward jump when the shot is released. 

  • #4.  This stabilizes the bow during the draw and shoot cycle that minimizes the hunters movement reducing the opportunity for detection by game.

  • #5. The bow can be changed in minutes to be right or left handed.

  • #6. The cam technology has a very smooth draw, the break over has a solid back wall and is extremely steady to hold when at full draw with an immediate response at the release.

  • #7.  It’s easy to hold at full draw for an extended period as a hunters shot develops and it doesn’t try to take the shot away from you prematurely.

  • #8. This results in a very relaxed steady hold on your target for the shot and substantially improves accuracy.

  • #9. The string stop is place in a position  resting against the forearm that effectively stabilizes the bow when at full draw, and avoids the need for an armguard, plus contributes to developing consistent form for the shooter.

  • #10. The light weight of the bow and short axle to axle length makes this bow convenient for all hunting conditions, whether hunting from a ground blind, tree stand, stalking, or packing into back country and does not sacrifice speed, stability, effective range, or kinetic energy.

  • #11. All standard accessories fit the bow.

  • #12. Go Pro Cameras fit and secure between the handle risers.

  • #13. Construction of the bow is precision and features a boss and pocket design machined with 1,000th inch tolerances.

  • #14. Carbon models are machined from 32 layers of cross-pattern weave carbon fiber to be super strong and dead quiet, with no flex or creep. (not a molded composite like others).

  • #15. Adjustable Draw length and Draw weight.

  • New additions for 2019 include the B-Series with adjustable draw length and draw weight with high speed cams. and  the X Series Crossbows that shoot standard arrows, the string does not ride the rail so no need for rail lube and the arrow also does not ride the rail like traditional cross bows do. Resulting in consistent speed and accuracy. Options include a Carbon Fiber Handle grip on the most bow models and the adjustable slider standard grip, flat back grips or 1911 grip. 

(All GEARHEAD bows are available through our Pro Shop) Gearhead Archery  Models include the New B-Series with adjustable draw length and draw weight.

All B-Series bows must be purchased at our Pro Shop.          T-Series bows can be purchased from us on line with proper comunication to insure good fit to draw length and draw weight. X Series Crossbows available only at our ProShop 

T-18   T-20  T-24  T-30

Standard bow accessories fit all models. 

The New X Series is a Hybrid Crossbow, much different than others. Shoots standard arrows, with standard nocks, Cocks easly by hand, won't wear out the string and requires no rail lube. very lightweight, and stable to shoot with no shock from the shot and is extremely accurate. Available in Aluminum 7075 w/ hard anodized coating. Includes rail system to add your favorite sighting system. or can be purchased as a kit with Scope, Quiver, Arrows, and adjustable butt stock. Plus the new sectional Tactical Series that easily packs into a small package.

T-15 Pro
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