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ProMaster Archery opened in January 2016 as a means of offering consumers high quality products that are not always found in many Pro shops or the Big Box Stores that are sometimes driven by price rater than by consumer needs. Our ultimate goal is to offer our customers unique high quality products, our experience for the best equipment available for the sport, and personalized one on one service to our customers. By operating from appointments with customers whenever possible, this allow's our customer as much time as they need to get answers to their questions, test equipment best suited for their style of shooting or hunting, and satisfy their complete needs.

Such products’ as the Fine Line Rear Bow Sight by ProMaster Archery that solves a common problem of torque on the bow, and of the T-Series Bows by Gearhead Archery that have taken the bow designs away from the traditional built style compound bows. By re-thinking tradition they have created a line of bows that solve issues not addressed by other bow makers in the industry, and have done so by enhancing stability, speed, and kinetic energy. The accuracy, stability and speed of these bows offers the Bow Hunter solutions to overcome problems encountered with today’s equipment that sometimes are un-recognized by the shooter and can retain consumers that may move away from the sport because of the frustrations of poor accuracy, or a bad experience when hunting.


The bitterness left from the poor quality of a product will remain long after the sweetness of a low price has been forgotten.


Charlie Forbis

Owner and President    

                                                                      Our Business Model



ProMaster Archery’s business philosophy is different than most Pro Shops in the Archery industry. We dare to be different from other Pro shops and operate by appointments, whether for an individual, family, or a small group. Walk in, your welcome, but our preference is appointments. We believe this will allow our customers the time and attention they need to get answers to their questions, gain a better understanding of the features and benefits of the bows and other items that we stock and make sound decisions on the right equipment for their individual need. For us, top quality service and satisfaction with the equipment is of the utmost importance to sustain our business and retains many to the sport of Archery and Bow hunting that otherwise may seek another sport. No two of us are alike and each may require a different set up of an item to best serve their needs. One size does not fit all in Archery. Our business model comes from years of experience in Archery, Teaching, 3-D shoots, Bow Hunting, Western Hunts, Taxidermy, Wildlife Management, Fishing, Manufacturing, Engineering and Marketing. For the most part outside of arrows and basic accessories the products you find in our shop will be different from those found in other pro shops or the big box as we don’t handle items that lack the necessary features and benefits to enhance the experience of bow hunting for the sake of pricing to keep up with competition. Un-like others we are not bound by buying from distributors that just handle certain brands they determine to have the best margins for them. The items we carry will enhance the experience of Archery and Bow hunting, usually without added cost and outside of arrows and basic accessories, will not be found in other Pro Shops, or Big Box stores.

Our Favorite slogan:    We owe it to the game we hunt to give them our best shot.


                                               ProMaster Archery Mission Statement

After God and Family it’s all about our customer at ProMaster Archery. With our passion around Archery and Bowhunting our mission is to create a revolution in the Archery and Bowhunting industry utilizing the latest technology and creativity and promote products that are designed to satisfy the discriminating customer that can enhance the experience with archery and bowhunting. Products that are outside the mainstream of the basic items found in the industry that in many cases are just another version of the existing products that are driven to be competitive with everyone else in the industry to have the best price, usually resulting in a race to the bottom and the consumer suffers with a lesser quality item, rather than to be innovative in design and listen to the voice of the customer. Our goal is to bring to our customer high quality products that are not found in the big box stores or the everyday Pro-Shops that are dotted around the landscape, that just follow the basics of the status quo and offer the same items that are usually just a newer version of the previous model that drives the value of the previous model down. Our focus will be to get answers for our customer’s questions, advice when ask, and give them all the time they need to make sound decisions for their choice of equipment resulting in their full satisfaction. To bring them new technology not normally found in stores driven by price. Our desire is for our customers to feel like they are part of the ProMaster family and to know our commitment to them is important to us and recognized in the outdoor industry as a trusted brand.

(What makes ProMaster Archery Different?)


Today’s Archery retail seems to be bogged down in success because they have become just another layer of a distributor.

Not to downgrade the value of the distributor as they are absolutely necessary for the success of our industry, but retail can no longer act the same way as a distributor and expect our industry to retain the customers we have now and also grow the industry.



Distributors carry a variety of products they believe the consumer wants based on certain research or whatever other means they may use (which may, or may not be what the consumer really wants, but ends up being the only choice the consumer can find in the store). In many cases for the distributor this is sometimes based on the manufacturer’s budget for advertising, at least for items that are not replenishment accessories. In the big picture the consumer is only able to purchase what the distributor offers to the dealers and this is usually based on what they can make the most profit on and will have the largest volume based on the advertising budget the manufacturer spends, as manufacturers are really the salespeople in the big picture by using their advertising dollars. The distributor spends nothing in advertising products to the consumer.



The results is the retailer’s only sell what the distributor has to offer them for their shelves and in far too many cases the retailer just puts items on the shelf to allow a shopper to browse and purchase based on what they have seen in advertisements. Most retail stores don’t really sell items, they just stand at the counter and process the customers purchase after they have browsed their offering. In the real picture the retailer is just another layer of distributing the products to the consumer the same as the distributor did to the retailer by offering a variety of items for the retailer to choose from.


Successful Pro Shops handle products they know will serve their customers well regardless of the advertising by the manufacturer. They take the time to provide their customer with details of the features and benefits of the products and instruction on how to use them.

So called Pro shops that handle a large variety are not really Pro Shops they are more like the common retailer that just allows the customer to come in and browse the offering and then process their purchase, and in some cases set up the customer’s choice of equipment for extra cost provided they have the knowledge to do so. It comes down to what you really think the definition of a Pro Shop is, or what type of shop you want to be.


 (Which Pro-Shop do you want to shop at)


  • Pro Shop #1: The Standard Pro Shop

    • Allows the customer to come in their shop and browse their offering and choose items to purchase from a large variety of products they have on their shelf. After they purchase then offer to attach the customer’s choice of accessories to their equipment at additional cost and maybe do a basic tune of the equipment for an additional cost as well. This is what’s usually found in a big box sporting goods store with a claim of a Pro Shop located inside. The tuning of equipment in these stores is basic and not specific to the customer.




  • Pro Shop #2. The True Pro Shop


  • This shops profile puts its focus it's customer and on top quality equipment and accessories, leaving the entry level equipment and accessories to the Big Box store or Pro Shop # 1. This shops profile will take the time to get to know their customers, focus on their style of shooting and their preference of the sport whether it is Target shooting, 3-D tournament’s or Hunting and explain the features and benefits of each item and the difference between these offerings that sets high quality products apart from the many offerings they find in the big box stores or in Pro Shop #1. This style  of Pro Shop also offer advice to help them make the best choice for their particular needs. Finally they take the time necessary to set up and tune their equipment specifically for their customer based on their style of using the equipment and the intended use rather than just a basic generic setup just to get them out the door. Pro Shop #2 specific goal is to establish a strong long lasting relationship with their customer and retain them to the sport of Archery and Bowhunting.

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