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ProMaster Archery is located just outside Joplin Missouri.

We prefer to operate our shop by appointment to give our customer undivided attention to accommodate our customers with plenty of time to review all the GEARHEAD Bow Models and other unique accessories we handle such as the new HECS hunting suits that block the body's electrical charge and avoids detection by wildlife and other unique products. We specialize in high quality equipment and personalized service you wont find in the Big Box Store or most other Pro-Shops and we try our best to get answers to questions you may have and give you time to test each model bow for a personal fit to your style of shooting and methods of hunting. Our goal is to be sure you have the time to make the best decision on equipment for y.

Call or Text us at 918-542-0791 for an appointment and we will set aside time for you, your family or group. Most of the items we handle you won't find in other shops or the big box stores as they all buy the same items from the same distributors and only items their distributor handles. We won't be bound by only what a distributor has to offer as we don't believe it's fair to you as a consumer to only see what the distributor offers you to purchase, sometimes handling only items that are the most profitable for them but may be limited in features to allow your best success with Archery and Bowhunting. We specialize in handling unique high quality items with the best features that will place the choice back in your hands that are best for your needs. 

Plan your opportunity to shoot this game changing bow technology by GEARHEAD Archery as seen on the outdoor channel with Dave Watson, Roger Raglin, and Grace Camo & Lace. Follow Aaron Tedford's perfect score success's on the NFAA and ASA tournament tours, see it in action and check out some reviews. 

GEARHEAD archery is re-thinking tradition and it will amaze you for the accuracy you can attain from a bow that’s designed to be ideal for all shooting and hunting conditions.  You need to shoot this bow to feel and understand the difference, as it's not like any bow you have shot before. Bring along your own equipment if you would like to compare side by side/shot for shot. These high quality bows are not your average bow and you won’t find them in any other pro shops in the 4 states area except for ProMaster Archery due to our dealer protected area, so plan to come and shoot it yourself for proof and we will answer any questions you have and explain the difference in these bows from others.


Charlie Forbis

ProMaster Archery

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